Yearbook - Neodaondaquat



To: The Families of IHS Class of 2018

From: Yearbook Staff 2017- 2018

Senior Information Sheet

Your child is now officially a senior at Irondequoit High School.  We have already begun preparing the 2018 yearbook and need your help. It is critical that you are aware of specific deadlines of your senior’s materials (senior photos, baby photos, dedications, etc) so they can be a part of the yearbook.

Our yearbook offers a number of opportunities for you, the family, to celebrate your senior in their final year of high school.  It is our intention to produce a beautiful yearbook and this letter is here to assist you in that process.  It is vital to meet our deadlines so the yearbook is printed on time and ready for our seniors in June. Please note, yearbook is an extracurricular club and a student publication.  

Things we need from you:

  1. A Senior Portrait- This is the most crucial part of any yearbook. If you choose, plan on having them taken over the summer. Deadline for submission is Friday, October 20th. 
      • Photos must be vertical-  horizontal shots not accepted
      • Photos may be color, black and white, or sepia
      • Photos may be shot inside or outside
      • No signatures on the image
      • Photos should be primarily head and shoulders only
      • Please be thoughtful of school dress code
      • If you are not hiring a professional to take your pictures, Clix will be coming in to take ID photos Sept. 13th and 14th and that photo can also be used as a senior portrait image as long as you let the yearbook staff know via email.
      • Photo specifications for photographers are as follows:
        • ALL digital files must be submitted sized to 4” x 3”, vertically, at 300 dpi.
        • Email to


  2. Baby Photo and Family Dedication Message- It is a fun way to mark the journey from childhood to senior year with a baby photograph and family dedication/message to your student. Dedications may come from parents, grandparents, a favorite relative, or sibling(s). You may submit more than one.  Please note the photos will be published as squares.
    • Baby Photo & Dedication with a message of 55 words or less are $50.
    • Dedication/message only (55 words or less) -$30
    • Baby photo only (or additional baby photos) - $30
    • Up to an additional 10 words- $5
    • Please make checks payable to Neo 2018, Irondequoit High School – 260 Cooper Road, Rochester, NY 14617


  3. Senior Quotes- Quotes (including spaces and punctuation) 130 Characters. Each senior is invited to submit a senior quote sharing wisdom or inspiration. Please state the author of your quote.


  4. Senior Group Photoa group photo of the entire senior class will be taken first period in the gym on Thursday, October 12th. Students attending EMCC or New Visions will be included in the photograph and leave for their programs after the completion of the photograph.  This will also be the time where we can photograph individual senior groups.
    • Groups AND T-shirts MUST be pre-approved in order to be photographed.
    • See Mr. Conner or Ms. Reinert to submit your t-shirt/group by 10/6/17
    • No last minute small group Clix photos will be added


  5. Sibling Photos (if applicable)- are planned for Wednesday/Thursday, Oct. 25th  and 26th
    • Photos will be taken before or after school in the Photo Studio #1148 or The Commons. 


Submissions- The preferred method for yearbook submissions is for you, or your photographer, to email all information to:

  • This includes not only senior photos but baby photos, dedications, and other candid photos that may be appropriate to be used in the yearbook, including “Remember When” photos.
  • Please make sure to write the seniors first and last name in the subject line as it would appear in the yearbook.
  • OR- you can drop off files with the Senior Checklist to the main office, Mr. Conner, or Ms. Reinert
  • Senior photos/quotes, baby photos/quotes are all due by Friday, October 20th
  • Please note you may continue to submit candid photographs during the school year until Dec.


Payment- Please include your IHS Senior Yearbook Checklist with your payment!  Mail or drop off payment at the Main Office, with Mr. Conner or with Ms. Reinert

  • CHECKS for baby photos and family dedications can be made payable to Neo 2018

Yearbook Orders- All Neodaondaquat yearbooks will be sold online through:

Current price is $65 until Oct.31st.  Yearbooks will be $75 from Nov-Feb.  Yearbooks sold in the Bookstore will be priced for $81.00 ($75 + NYS tax).  


Questions?  Please contact the IHS yearbook advisors: Jim Conner & Lauren Reinert

  •   Jim: 585-336-0675      


Thank you for your help to make 2018 the best yearbook ever!    - The yearbook staff

Irondequoit High School – 260 Cooper Road, Rochester, NY 14617