E-news - sign up here!

Our schools send e-news to families letting them know about events that occur at school, reminders of upcoming activities, deadlines and opportunities for students and parents. You can even receive your school newsletter electronically.

To register, click on the link for your child's school and include your child's name and grade in the body of the e-mail. 

Please send an e-mail to each school from which you would like to receive e-news. You'll only need to do this once per child, as your child moves through grade levels and buildings, we will move the registration information on to the next school. 

                Briarwood School   briarwood_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Brookview School   brookview_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Colebrook School   colebrook_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Listwood School   listwood_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Seneca School   seneca_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Southlawn School   southlawn_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Iroquois Middle School   iroquois_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Rogers Middle School   rogers_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Dake Jr. High School   dake_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu
  Irondequoit High School   ihs_e-news@westiron.monroe.edu