Cell phone donations

Donate Your Old Cell Phone - Benefit the Alumni Association


The West Irondequoit Alumni Association is calling all alumni to turn in their old cell phones to WIAA as part of an innovative and simple fund-raiser.

  • Mail or bring your inactive cell phones (of any age or make) to the WICSD District Office located at 321 List Avenue, Rochester, NY 14617. The receptionist will accept phones Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Volunteers from WIAA box the phones and ship them to Pace Butler Corp.

  • Pace Butler Corporation buys inactive cell phones and reimburses the non-profit organization within four business days of receiving them.

“The price paid per phone varies,” says WIAA President Leslie Ferriter, “from a few dollars to $25 or $50 each depending on the model of the phone. What we have going for us is a very large group of people all over the world that may be willing to contribute to this effort in a relatively simple way. “And,” she adds, “if people don’t have a cell phone to donate, we would even be happy to accept a donation to the WIAA for the Cell Phone Fundraiser!  


MAIL IN CELL PHONE AND BATTERY ONLY (No accessories, chargers, etc.). We will acknowledge receipt of your phone with a postcard. Results of the fundraiser will be featured in next year’s WIAA newsletter. Proceeds from the effort will seed the new WIAA Generations of Excellence Scholarship Fund for IHS students who are descendants of IHS graduates.