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What is Naviance Family Connection?

The West Irondequoit Central School  District is pleased to offer  our families access to Naviance Family Connection. It   is a Web-based college and career research and planning tool for students, parents and counselors. School districts all over the country are subscribing to Naviance to assist students and families with the critical and sometimes overwhelming tasks of exploring careers, researching colleges, applying for scholarships, and completing college applications.


Is it necessary for students to set up a Naviance account?


YES!  Naviance will be the primary vehicle for completion, submission and tracking of all college applications. Activity resumes will be used to help teachers and counselors write letters of recommendation and identify students for local scholarships. It is also an invaluable resource for college and career research.


How do students access  Naviance?

With the support of their counselors, students will set up a password protected account.  They will need to provide a personal e-mail address as part of the registration process. Once registered, students can access their account from any computer with an Internet connection.


How often should students view their Naviance account?

Counselors will meet with students in groups and individually several times during their four years at IHS to familiarize them with the Naviance program.  We encourage students and parents to visit their Home Page weekly to stay current with Counseling and Career Center information and events. Several times a year, students will be expected to update resumes and explore colleges, career and scholarship opportunities.


Who has access to student accounts?

Counselors can access student accounts to support in the college application process. Counselors can also access student passwords and log-in information in the event that students forget how to log in. Teachers will have access to activity resumes to assist them in writing letters of recommendation. Parents can access Naviance through their student’s account and password.

Brief Overview

Once logged into Naviance, students will be directed to a Home Page.  This page contains timely messages from the Counseling and Career Centers and should be visited weekly.  Information on the Home Page may include:


· Upcoming visits from  college admissions representatives

· Career and employment connections

· Registration deadlines for SAT’s and ACT’s

· Local scholarship opportunities

· Personal messages from the student’s counselor

· And more…..


The Home Page also links students to the three main components of Naviance:


About me

· Complete a personality survey

· Use the results of this survey to explore suggested college majors and careers based on preferences and strengths

· Develop and maintain a resume recording high school activities, awards, volunteer and paid work experiences, etc. (This resume will be used to assist counselors and teachers in writing letters of recommendation and to identify students  for local scholarship opportunities.)



· Complete a career interest inventory

· Use the results of this inventory to explore suggested occupations, required education, training and skills, and wages typical for these occupations



· Research colleges based on a wide range of criteria

· Compare GPA and SAT results to past West Irondequoit students who  applied to similar schools

· Research scholarships

· Maintain and update lists of “colleges I am thinking about” and “colleges I am applying to”

· Complete, submit and track college applications