About WIRQ

Who We Are

WIRQ provides listeners with a new music/alternative radio format operating at 90.9 FM. Founded in January 1960 by IHS teacher and advisor, Eric Young, this school based and student operated radio station opens up the world of radio broadcasting to IHS students interested in the field. WIRQ operates from 8am-3pm Monday through Friday and formatted shows are done by a team of trained student DJs. Each DJ has the opportunity to do a non-format specialty show once a week during the school day. The station is run by a student board of directors under the guidance of advisor, Mr. Richard Jones. The WIRQ transmitter and sound board are licensed by the West Irondequoit Board of Education and is governed by the regulations set forth by the Federal Communications Commission.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to introduce the world of radio to the students of Irondequoit High School, educate them on how to do radio shows and correctly manage the broadcasting equipment, and provide a positive environment where they can share musical preferences while getting a grasp on the field of media and broadcasting.